Apart from the Castle and the wall, another element that is part of the history of the municipality of the city of Granada is the Home of the Castellan, also related with the Castle. And is that in feudal times, the Bishop of Barcelona was the Lord of the Castle, but the ruling through the Mayor and the Castellan. The Mayor will remit the income of the Castle, sales and rights. On the other hand, the Castellan accounted part of the income that the Lord engaged in surveillance and defense of the Castle.

It is for this reason that the Castellan's House is very close to the Castle, right next to the Church. Built between the 11TH and 15TH centuries in transitional Gothic style, it is a fortified residential house, semidetached, composed of a ground floor, floor and attic. Highlights of the façade a great entrance portal with wedge and the window of the main floor, stone lintels, jambs and windowsills arquitravada, decorated with mouldings, Corbels and figurative elements.